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Manchester students can start improving their ACT skills and scores right away with Manhattan Review's ACT prep services. Available ACT options in Manchester include customized ACT private tutoring, ACT group instruction in on-site format, interactive online ACT classes, and ACT practice tests. Our one-on-one ACT tutoring is based on the specific ACT preparation needs of the individual student, as dictated by relevant characteristics such as ACT strengths and weaknesses, target scores, academic background, and preferred learning style. Private tutoring clients work at their own pace on the ACT preparation issues that are most important for them. Students who learn most effectively in group classroom contexts should choose our ACT courses, which can be taken on-site at convenient Manchester locations or online from the comfort of home. All students can receive assessments of progress and direction for further study from our authentic ACT practice tests, which precisely duplicate the content, structure, and timing of the real ACT. Manhattan Review has been a leading international test prep company since we were founded in 1999. Learn more about our ACT services for Manchester students by contacting us today.

ACT has published composite score ranges that the organization considers appropriate for postsecondary institutions at several levels of selectivity. "Highly selective" universities are characterized by a student population that primarily consists of those who graduated in the top 10% of their high school classes. ACT has asserted that scores of 27-30 are sufficient for these types of institutions. "Selective" universities (most accepted students are in the top 25% of their high school class) are associated with ACT scores of 25-27, while "traditional" universities (most students in the top half of their class) typically expect scores of 22-24. The two lowest ACT categories are "liberal" and "open," defined respectively as institutions that accept students from the lower half of their graduating classes and schools that accept all high school graduates. The "liberal" ACT score range is 18-21, and the "open" range is 17-20. Students preparing for the ACT should be aware, however, that many elite universities have average ACT scores that are well above 30 (the mean score of new Harvard students, for example, is approximately 33.5).

Manhattan Review's ACT prep courses and private tutoring have helped thousands of students live their dreams of attending world-class universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Columbia, New York University, Dartmouth, the University of Virginia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Duke, Georgetown, Vanderbilt, and many more. Some of our former test prep clients have later secured high-paying jobs with firms in Manchester, including Fast Web Media, Begbies Traynor Group, Guardian Media Group, Swinton Insurance, and Urban Splash. Others have been hired by Fortune 500 companies in the United States, such as New York Life Insurance, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Twenty-First Century Fox, and Valero Energy. Start preparing for your own successful future today with Manhattan Review's ACT prep courses and ACT private tutoring for students in Manchester.

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Meet a Manchester ACT Tutor: Deanna R.

Deanna R., a native of Marietta, Ohio, holds a bachelor's degree in history from Ohio State University and a master's degree in history from the University of Michigan. She began her ACT tutoring career in the Detroit area in 2010, and has been a member of Manhattan Review's Manchester team of ACT instructors since 2016. She also has five years of experience as a history teacher at the secondary level.

Deanna's ACT students have been accepted to many different types of selective postsecondary institutions, from Ivy League schools and major research universities to elite liberal arts colleges and smaller state universities. When she's not teaching, Deanna works for a publisher in the Manchester area. Her hobbies include playing the cello, reading about international affairs, and staying in top physical condition through several forms of exercise.

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