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Private GMAT Tutoring

Students who would like personalized instruction can turn to Manhattan Review for private tutoring. Manhattan Review's private tutors can help students create individualized plans. Together with their tutors, students set specific score goals and chart paths toward achieving them. A tutor can help identify and overcome specific stumbling blocks.

With private tutoring, there is a lot of flexibility in scheduling, so students can select the amount and number of sessions they would like. Manhattan Review private tutoring can be purchased as a stand-alone service or as a supplement to a class. The individual instruction offered through private tutoring results in strong track records of success. Tutors carefully devise homework and practice exercises that build students' confidence in their mastery of material. With one-on-one attention, a tutor can ensure that students gain a thorough understanding of GMAT content.

Varieties of Tutoring Packages

Tutoring may be purchased on an hourly basis or as part of a pre-set tutoring package. The first meeting with a tutor is devoted to identifying strengths and weaknesses and devising a plan for covering material. Throughout the tutoring partnership the plan can be updated and modified based on the student's progress and the ease or difficulty the student has mastering material. Private GMAT tutoring has been increasing in popularity. As a result, it is recommended that students sign up for tutoring services two to three weeks prior to their desired start date.

Tutoring Packages of 10+ Hours

Students who purchase tutoring packages of 10 hours or more receive a discount in the hourly rate as well as a bonus selection of supporting study materials.

These materials include: 

  • Five full-length online practice tests. These practice tests are computer-adaptive, just like the GMAT, and carefully simulate an actual GMAT test.
  • A math primer that includes a comprehensive list of mathematical formulas used in GMAT math section questions, as well as detailed instructions on how the formulas should be applied.
  • A verbal primer including a thorough overview of essentially grammatical rules and tips on how the rules might be tested in GMAT Verbal questions.
  • Strategy guides that identify the different question types in all the sections of the GMAT and explain the best and most efficient ways of solving them. There are hundreds of examples of each question type.